Successes and Tumbles

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Where do I begin? So when we left each other last time I believe I was preparing for my first BD competition and worrying about plaiting an unmanageable mane and worried about seeing my breakfast come back up. Well I didn’t even manage to eat breakfast let alone throw it back up. I managed to consume a grand total of half a can of monster energy drink and most of the local supply of rescue remedy.

The warm up is somewhat of a terrifying place when your mount is no less than 2hands smaller than everything else in there and is definitely the only animal that doesn’t have mostly warmblood breeding. It became less scary, however, when I realised how much nicer the warm up is at an affiliated competition. People actually pass left to left and they fully understand that you don’t suddenly stop by the gate to chat to your adoring fan club. The other competitors were polite and at no point did I think that anyone actually cared that I was on a 14.1hh rescue cob. Hartley did us both proud and we came a rather respectable 3rd and 2nd. I was on cloud nine!

Fast forward a week and I am less elated and now have a gigantic bruise on my right bum cheek and my right ankle is a fair amount larger than it should be. Hartley and I and a couple of girls went on a fun ride and had a go at a few cross country fences. That’s right the dressage cob goes cross country! Evidently solid fences are both a bit more scary for both horse and rider, I can promise you now that my bum cheeks were clenched the whole way round the cross country course. So I expect you are thinking ‘this is all very well and good but we’ve only got this far down the page because we really need to know how you fell off’. Well, we had already gone over this raised log which was probably only about 2’9 (which doesn’t sound big but it bloody looks it when you’re steaming towards it on a tiny cob!) and he jumped it perfectly, respectfully and calmly. When we went over it the 2nd time it was less ok. We were giving my friend’s horse a lead but decided to bolt towards it, neither of us could see a stride and he decided that instead of jumping the fence, he thought he would try and jump the moon. Sadly he failed. I’m not entirely sure what happened apart from the fact there was around 4 feet between my bum and the saddle and I didn’t land back on it. My bum landed right cheek first on ground which wasn’t as soft as it looked. I also now have a bruise to prove it (don’t worry I won’t post a picture)! I managed to get back on and crack on over a few more fences. It was a lesson hard learned but it was jolly good fun all the same!

So eventing is not going to be my new past time I’ve decided that I’m probably not going to be selected for the Olympic eventing team so I’ll stick to dressage. For the time being anyway!


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