Big, Scary Preparations



Hartley and I have had a busy week so far and it’s only about to get busier!

Its official, Hartley and I are all registered with British Dressage and we have our first affiliated competition this Saturday competing at Novice Bronze level. To most people this probably isn’t a big deal and that’s ok. To Hartley and I this is a massive deal. Just less than a year ago we were barely getting 60% at unaffiliated Prelim and now thanks to a fantastic trainer who believes in us and a lot of hard work and hours put in we are now ready to go out and compete with the big boys. My main concern is the slightly overweight rider, dragging her slightly overweight cob off the lorry and very much looking like they should be at Appleby Horse Fair instead of at a Dressage competition. Or better yet getting so nervous I manage to throw up my breakfast of cereal bar and sugar free energy drink over his lumpy, uneven plaits during the warm up.

Hopefully the new breeches that I bought (that are incidentally a touch on the snug side!) stretch and give a little round the waist! Also desperately hoping that the new plaiting technique I’m trying (and only practised once) goes well and Hartley doesn’t look like he’s got 8 tennis balls on his neck! Only time will tell….




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