Equine Spa Days & Big Girl Pants

So as I am sure you are aware, we had a rare but precious luxury this weekend just gone, a bank holiday weekend. These magical events occur no where near as regularly as I am sure the majority of the British public wishes they would. For the horse owners of the UK that extra day on the weekend means an extra day where you can focus on your equine partner whether you go for a long hack, put your brave girl pants on and get the jumps out or give your horse a spa day. Hartley, the lucky devil, was treated to all of these things.

I was lucky enough to arrive on the yard on Sunday when one of the other liveries had just finished jumping a course of fences meaning I didn’t have to break my back trying to lift the 90’s era wooden wings over the arena fence. I wasn’t planning on riding but seeing as the jumps were out and there was a gap in the traditional bank holiday rain I decided to don my big girl pants, hop on board and give Hartley an afternoon of fun. Hartley adores jumping, his ears prick and his little face lights up as we hurtle towards a jump with minimal control with me clinging on hoping to make it to the other side. He had a great time!

He had less fun yesterday when it was time for a clip. Hartley is a saint to clip. Just stands there not bothered about anything until you get to his ears, at which point a dragon suddenly replaces my sweet little cob. The eyes roll and the nostrils widen to the point I could probably climb in there and set up camp for the night. In the end I gave up to avoid any more stress for either party however Hartley does now look like he’s wearing a very fetching pair of fluffy ear warmers!

In other news we are all entered for our first affiliated British Dressage competition in a couple of weeks time which is very exciting! We have entered into Novice Bronze in the hope of qualifying for an Area Festival in August. Qualifying shouldn’t be too much of a problem but I feel the standards are going to be set pretty high once we get there so we better get practicing that mega medium trot!


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