Introduction to us

It’s difficult to know how or where to begin when introducing yourself. You have to think about what people want to hear, are you going to bore them, or more to the point is anyone even reading? One would hope that if people are reading this then we all share something in common – horses. It is amazing how quickly you can start enjoying somebody’s company once you realise you have something in common. I always feel that horses (or animals in general) bring people together, especially when they are passionate about them like you are; and that is exactly what I am here to do. I want to share my story and my passion with people and hopefully entertain you all along the way!

Lets just talk for a moment about the co-producer of this blog. Hartley. Without him this would just be me talking about how I am attempting to break onto the dressage scene with an imaginary horse. Hartley had a bit of a rough start in life, being abused, neglected and eventually abandoned. He and a group of other colts were picked up by the RSPCA and that’s when I came along. I was looking to re-home an ex-race horse and potentially compete in RoR classes and do a bit of low level riding club stuff. Somehow I ended up with a stumpy (mildly overweight) cob and have ambitions of reaching Advanced Level dressage. Yeah…I am not really sure what happened either! In September 2012 I picked up a very scruffy 2 year old cob and slowly broke him in and brought him on; then last year I decided to get serious, found myself a dressage trainer and got stuck in. Hartley is now 7 and we are now starting to compete at Elementary Level.

This is the story of our journey, the many ups and (even more) downs, the tears, the tantrums, challenges, the joy and many celebrations of our successes. We are here to prove that warmbloods (although amazing animals) are not the only choice when you are a regular competitor, regardless of your chosen discipline. Hartley might even do some guest editing as well!